Different hiking websites have different numbers for mileage, and elevation. On the SAME exact hike. WTF. 

They are all “kinda around the same amount” 

Why isn’t anything easy. Is anything in life perfectly accurate??

It seems that the height of the mountains are officially indisputable and calculated, at least there’s that..


I know when I started hiking the varying mileage and elevation reports posted online infuriated me. You don’t think it’s a big deal because the mileage numbers all sound pretty low. What’s 1-2 miles off? #NBD. Right.

You can tell that to the chick that’s alone racing down the mountain in the dark with no water and no headlight because your hiking blog was off by a couple miles because – oh well – Close enough! That’s not ok! That shit made me furious. That shit trapped me in the dark, or left me without water more then once because I relied on the numbers being correct and often they simply. are. not. 

“Shouldn’t you just check the signs?” Duh. Yes. Sure. You think I go out there and I don’t read them for Christ’s sake? I check every single solitary sign nature throws in my face on the trails. I am waiting and seeking them out like the cure for cancer. They are the only entertainment I have!! But – They seem to lie sometimes too!

How is it that the bottom of a trail calculates 7.0 miles to the top, then I get to the Ridgeline and I am banking on just 1 more mile, doing blonde self talk math the entire way up, (how many more hours of sunlight do I have, how fast do I usually walk, but I’m uphill, so 20 minute miles divided by sunlight…) and then I get to the top and the signage says 2.5 miles now. How. WTF. Ok. No big deal. What’s another 1.5 miles?

Major. All my math needs to be redone. I am not a runner. On a straight uphill elevation climb that 1.5 mile would usually be a 18 minute walk around town could be an extra hour- an hour and a half. Now I could be in the dark, out of water, out of food.. I’m usually always prepared for anything and pack my 10 things, but what if I packed light that day BECAUSE I BELIEVED YOU!! I BASED MY SUPPLIES ON THIS?!

So if you are cruising this website and my Parking lot to Peak mileage – Not my trailhead to summit – Parking lot to peak homies –  is different then some other blog by +1.5 miles, it’s because my GPS said so. My GPS/Strava/Apple watch is not GOD and is not perfect. So my data is not perfect, but I am trying to do something others don’t and not just keep regurgitating the bad data and bad sign distance data so you don’t end up fu*&ed as I have out there. 

I am giving you a buffer. I would much rather read “Oh it’s 13 miles.” And then It ends up being 11.5 or 12. What a party, that feels like Christmas. Then the opposite side of the spectrum which is being told that it’s 10 and it ends up being 13. I hate you when you do that to me. Assholes. 

I hope that explains any discrepancies and avoids and in the future complaining. xoxo 💁

And maybe, with this inspiration, we can all journal and keep better track of the exact miles, and share with each other, As seen above and on thisreally cool hiking blog.